The company

the company

The group was formed in two steps:

Since 1997 for many years  the group  has performed to children and adults through out Israel and in the Susan Dallal Centre.

"Andalouse Patio", "Yamada" and "Tiempo Flamenco" are included in the group's repertoire.

Afterwards NETA CORTEZ FLAMENCO DANCE-THEATRE was opened. In this dance theatre there is an emphasis on the story the choreographer chooses to tell.

 In the beginning the feminine world  was the focus of the creation on NETA SHEZAF'S FLAMENCO DANCE-THEATRE. Neta strictly chose the dancers (from the studio and out of the studio). Those dancers   introduced the audience with their unique femininity. Those dancers also strengthened the feminine expression of the dance and particularly of Flamenco. They also trod and expressed  their own truth with abstraction, dance and theatre and original music which is not necessarily Flamenco. The group performed "Earth Water and Fire" and "Femina". Those shows were approved by Omanut Laam.

My group is presently performing a show for children - the Flamenco version of  Hans Christian Andersen's eternal  tale - THE LITTLE SPANISH MERMAID.

The group permanently performs in the Susan Dallal Centre and through out Israel. 

There are two kinds of performances in NETA CORTEZ FLAMENCO DANCE-THEATRE -

The group with Neta - "Duende", "Little Spanish Mermaid", "Femina", "Earth, Water and Fire" and the past performances of the group.

Running performances - "Little Spanish Mermaid" "Duende".

Individual Performances of Neta and other choreographers -

" Murena Amore ", "A Meeting with Spanish Dance", "Amensare", "Reflex".

Running performances - "A Meeting with Spanish Dance", "A Lecture about Flamenco", "Murena Amore".

Duende - A drifting sensual performance  which is a part of the repertoire.

 Murena Amore

The Little Spanish Mermaid - A New Performance for Children!! The show presents the story of the Little Spanish Mermaid. First performance - August 2009 in the "Aggada" (legend) Festival in the Susan Dallal Centre.

The group's past performances:

Earth Water Fire - FEMINA - A drifting feminine performance.


Both performances were approved of by Omanut Laam.

More past performances:

"Reflex", "Magnolia", "Longing", "Flamenco", "Yamanda", "Tiempo Flamenco", "Patio Andalouse".