1983 - Neta Cortez started her Flamenco studies at the age of 17 in Sylvia Duran's studio. There she was trained as a dancer as well as an authorized teacher. In her military service she already became the soloist of the group and a teacher. She prepared 7 dancers for a concours examination on behalf of the Fund for Crafts America-Israel. Neta herself received distinction scholarships four years in a row. She performed to the State's President in the week of the Young Artist.

1988 - Neta started a widespread international career as a dancer, choreographer and a teacher. Following her first two weeks in Spain Neta was invited to perform in Mario Maya's group in the Teatro Gitano Andaluz (The Andalusian Theatre of Gypsies)  On this opportunity Mario gave Neta a professional name  - Cortez - Neta Cortez. Neta and her group performed in a tour in Spain and the Lincoln Centre in New York, in a dance theatre "Bewitched Love" by De Playa. She later on performed on a tour to Italy with Rafael Aguilar in Lorca's composition "Bernarda Alba's Home".

1989 - She received a scholarship on behalf of the Spanish embassy in Israel. In the ten years she lived in Spain she performed as a soloist and a composer in Bailaora. She also danced in Tablaos Flamencs (traditional Flamenco theatres) in many places through out the world: Casa patas, El Madronio, Café De Chinitas, Zambra in Madrid. Los Gallos in Sevillia For half a year she performed in El Patio Sevillano in Tokyo. For the same period the performed in Gypsy - Cancun, Mexico.
Neta performed with the following artists: Manolo Marin, EL Viejin, Antonio Canales, Mario Maya, Belen Maya.

1991 - Neta and Laura Toledo (Zalman Shneur's daughter) created a performance about Ladino. This composition was presented all over Spain.

1995 - She performed a solo part which was composed especially for her. On this opportunity Neta portrayed Carmen's fate. It was produced by the Opera of Volony."Carmen" which she preformed in the Opera Houses in Belgium, France and Italy. She was a guest soloist in the Classical Ballet Group of Madrid.

1997 - Neta was invited to perform in Italy in her solo performance accompanied by famous Spanish musicians from Spain. She presented her first solo performance in Israel and two solo performances, including "Longing" (the first ethnic show which was performed in the Susan Dallal Centre). In the first part of the show Neta danced to the sounds of Yehuda Amichai's songs/poems.
This year Neta opened her studio where she teaches her personal style and the technique of foot work in the awareness to bio-mechanics of the body and relaxation.
She founded her Flamenco group and performed "Patio Andaluz".

1998 - she presented "Tiempo Flamenco"; in 1999 she performed "LlAMMADA"; In 2004 she presented "Earth, Water, Fire", and in 2005 the curtain rose on the show "Femina".
All those performances were presented in the Susan Dallal Centre and approved by "Ommanut Laam" and "Sal Tarbut". Neta's meeting with the audience (in which she explains and demonstrates to each age separately the Flamenco) received the award of the "Wandering Cylinder" in 2005 for a prominent cultural and artistic activity. 
In the "Curtain Lifting" (Haramat Massach)  festival  which organized by Susan Dallal Neta and the musician Keren Rosenbaum  performed "Reflex". Keren is a composer of contemporary music. Neta and Keren create a modern piece of art which takes Flamenco out of its ethnicity and makes it a theatrical artistic means of expression. Therefore the "Reflex" Ensemble was founded. This ensemble is working with modern different creators in various different productions. Those productions are presented in the Israeli Opera and the Tmuna Theatre. There is also a permanent show in New York.

1998 - She performed "Flamenco", a solo presentation in the guitar festival. The performance is accompanied by musicians from Spain.
Neta cast in Lorca's "Blood Wedding" - production by Habima. She was a guest soloist  in the Israeli philharmonic, in the Israel Kibbuts Opera, Israeli Chamber Orchestra.
As a teacher Neta travelled to many places worldwide, such as Spain, Japan and Italy. Her purpose was  to learn how to create choreographies

2000 - Neta created pieces of art with the Elina Pechersky - composer of Middle-Eastern Dance the performance Murena Amore. This production was very successful in the Susan Dallal Centre in the Israel Festival and all over the country as well as in the United States, the Ukraine, Switzerland and Turkey.

2002 - Neta and the Ladino singer Yasmin Levy, the Flamenco guitar player - Yehiel Hasson and the Cajon drummer Sasson Levy  performed  "Amancer". This production combines live music  and the culture of Ladino and Flamenco. "Amancer" was presented in Susan Dallal and though out the country. (In 2004 "Amancer" was invited for 60 presentations in the "Forum Barcelona" Festival in Spain). 

2004 - Neta founded the "Neta Shezaf Flamenco Dance Theatre" in which she created the productions: "Earth, Water, Fire", "Femina" - which is presented in the Susan Dallal Centre, and lately "Duende" and "Little Spanish Mermaid".

2005 -  She gave birth to her first born daughter - Maya.
She preformed "Femina" in the Susan Dallal and all over the country  with her group.

2007 - She gave birth to her daughter Ammore. Neta was a soloist in the Philharmonic and in the Israeli Chamber Orchestra.

2009 - She was invited as a choreographer and a soloist. Furthermore  she and her group participated in the production of "Carmen" in the Israeli Opera House.
For the last 15 years Neta has been dancing in "Omanut Laam" and "Saltarbut". Then Neta performed in many productions of her repertoire.  She permanently performs through out the country by demonstrating a variety of her repertoire. Neta's lectures are accompanied by rare video extracts. She cooperates with "Kishrei Tarbut". She is a member of the Choreographers' Association and she performs in "Na'im" productions and in various events of the association.

Neta is known for her ability to express herself personally by her upper body part.
Of the critiques written about her during the years:
"Neta creates  the tension of a loaded gun"; "She is an unforgettable dancer".

Neta is a unique composer who uses Flamenco as a means of expression and conversation with creators of different styles. Furthermore she is a senior therapist and a teacher of the Jahara Technique.