Workshops and events

WORKSHOPS with Belen Maya 20/7/10
and 25/6/11


A second production by the israeli opera in the Yarkon Park in summer 2010
In 2009 Neta and her group were invited to perform and create the choreography for Bizet's opera "Carmen". It was a resumption of the famous production of New York Metropolitan, directed by distinguished
Franco Zeffirelli. Zeffirelli's right hand who came to Israel in order to resume the performance wrote to Neta and her group the following:                                                                           

In the performance there were three hundred singers, musicians, dancers and statists. It was presented thirty five times.
 There will be a greater production in the Yarkon Park in summer 2010.

Araund the world - a performance with Neta Cortez inbal thiater 4/11/10
and 3/2/11