About the studio



I spent many years of performing and instructing throughout the world. When I returned to Israel, I decided to establish a studio. The aim of the studio was to be A HOME FOR LOVERS OF FLAMENCO -  a warm  place which would permit them to learn and develop together. 

The first studio was in Rehov Merkaz Baalei HaMelacha (Artists' Centre Street). The small studio rapidly expanded. I accepted more dancers and more teachers and secretaries joined the new place. However when the studio expanded I discovered that I receded from my dancers. This was the result of my intensified involvement in administrative matters instead of personally cultivating the dancers.

Three years later I decided to preserve the personal contact by hook and by crook. Therefore I started teaching small groups personally. My dancers worked consciously and with full physical safety. By  dancing they go through a personal process of development and growth.

I work with my pupils during the year. In the end of the school year we perform a solemn flamenco performance of the dancers. This is an exciting conclusion of the entire period.  Families and friends of the dancers are invited. 


We sometimes hear about dancers and students who quit dancing due to various dances, accidents and medical problems. In Flamenco this problem basically occurs due to knee aches.

I personally experienced this problem. During my military service I danced and taught Flamenco. In the end of the service my legs betrayed me. I stayed in bed for months. The doctors who treated my insisted that I stop dancing for ever. In order to continue dancing I developed a technique in which the dancer plays with his legs (Zapateado) and uses his body without effort. He is simultaneously aware of his posture and equalization.

After a tough year of rehabilitation I went to Spain in order to part with Flamenco. Nevertheless thanks to the technique I developed I started dancing in Mario Maya's group. I also participated in the group's intensive concert trip to Andalusia and New York.

I impart my unique technique to all my dancers. They have never had health problems as a result of the dance. On the contrary, they physically and mentally improved their quality of life.